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Deodr's new lampshade laundering tech

Deodr's lampshade laundering tech - here's how it works!
Deodr's lampshade laundering tech - here's how it works!

If you hate having to do all that laundry every weekend, then Deodr's new concept for a photocatalytic lampshade that does all your laundry for you – with no water or washing machines required – may well appeal.

According to Wu Kun-chia from Scenario Lab, the Deodr lampshade's photocatalytic light will remove the smelly bacteria from your togs and the fan-induced convection system will waft it up, up and away.

Earth-friendly laundry

Scenario Lab hopes that the tech will catch on, claiming that it is a much more Earth-friendly option than the boring old traditional method of washing with water and detergents.

You won't be able to remove any stains from your clothes though. So providing you are not the kind of person who regularly spills food and drink down their front, this new water-free laundry tech might well be perfect for you.