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Sharp PC designed to hook up to high-def TV

The Sharp Internet Aquos PC comes with no monitor, but can easily be paired with an HD TV

Sharp's latest attempt to get consumers to open their wallets and jump on the high-definition bandwagon has resulted in an Aquos-branded PC designed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the company's products.

The Internet Aquos computer is available in a range of five colours and configurations, but without a monitor. Instead, there's an HDMI connection and the suggestion that shoppers splash out on an Aquos HD TV set as well.

Keep it in the family

Sharp labels the concept of networking the PC, TV and also a Blu-ray player as 'Aquos FamiLink', a pun that works a lot better in the original Japanese. As you might expect, the PC comes with a remote-control handset that works with any Sharp equipment and includes a touch-sensitive pad for controlling the mouse pointer.

On top of that, the range of PCs have terrestrial digital TV tuners, a choice of CPUs and dedicated PVR hard drives up to 500GB, and Windows Vista Home Premium. When they go on sale in Japan between the end of November and mid-December, prices will range from ¥110,000 (£460) to ¥230,000 (£963).