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OS X 10.9 Mavericks lands as a free download

OS X Mavericks
Mavericks has landed

If you've detected a whiff of excitement in the air, it's likely because Apple has set a release date for the next version of OS X, dubbed Mavericks.

Apple has revealed that the update is landing today - and it's free - so why not make a note before checking out our special tips feature to prepare you for what treats lie in store.

Doing away with cat-related names, OS X 10.9's "Mavericks" moniker was inspired by Apple's "own backyard," the company revealed back in June.

More Mavericks

The update brings tighter integration with Apple's iOS mobile operating system, the ability to use multiple displays without tearing your hair out, interactive Notifications and a new iBooks app.

Mavericks also comes with a revamped Garage Band app that offers a new drummer feature that allows bedroom composers to jam along with their songs.

It appears in the new version of iLife that brings redesigned iPhoto and iMovie apps to both OS X and iOS 7.

How do you know if Mavericks will be compatible with your Mac?

Kane Fulton
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