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DivX bolsters movie download business

DivX and Hollywood up a tree...
DivX and Hollywood up a tree...

DivX has strengthened its grip on the movie download business by signing up Hollywood heavyweights Lions Gate Entertainment Corp and Paramount Pictures.

The software company already has deals in place with Warner Bros and Sony Pictures, which means more consumers will be able to watch movies in the its proprietary format – not bad, considering DivX believes there are around 200 million devices that are DivX-certified.

Gaining traction

"In partnering with DivX, we are ensuring that our films are made available to video-on-demand sites in a secure, high- quality format," explained Curt Marvis, President of Lionsgate Digital Media.

"It's important to us that Lions Gate fans enjoy the same cinematic viewing experience watching our movies at home or on the go as they do in the theater. The DivX format enables us to do that."

A DivX spokesperson said about the announcement: "As our fourth format approval agreement with a major motion picture studio, this agreement demonstrates the traction we are gaining in making premium Hollywood content available to DivX consumers worldwide."

Via Reuters