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Christmas crackers: Wunderlist


The festive season is a time for getting things done. There are presents to buy, cards to write, people to visit, food to buy and so much more. Keeping on top of it all requires a little organisation and if you are struggling, Wunderlist could be the tool that you need to stay sane.

Break down your Christmas tasks into easy to manage lists, and Wunderlist will help ensure that you don't forget to do anything. From shopping lists to remembering what order to put food in the oven, there's plenty that could be forgotten, so why leave it to chance?

Like Evernote, there are versions of Wunderlist available for mobile devices, so you can create a shopping list on your computer and access it on your phone. Even better, you can share lists with other people so you can easily delegate tasks to other people and help ease the pressure.

If you think you might forget to look at the lists you create, you can set a reminder so you are alerted whenever you need to do something – so there'll be no chance of anything going wrong!