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Mimecast to launch service for large files in Outlook

eMail abstract
Wizzing out larger files through Outlook

Mimecast has announced plans for a service that supports the sending of large files through Microsoft Outlook.

Named Large File Send for Outlook, it's due to be available in August and is designed to make it easier to send large files through a company email service. Mimecast, which specialises in systems for business email, says this can reduce the threat from staff using consumer cloud file sharing services because a company system forbids it.

The user attaches a file to Outlook and sends as usual, but the Mimecast service intercepts the file, holds it in a secure archive, notifies the recipient that it is there and provides a passcode.

Size limit

The service can take files of up to 2GB and bypasses the Microsoft Exchange server and Office 365 25MB limit for an email. Files can be sent to people who are not Mimecast customers.

Grant Fletcher, Product Manager at Mimecast, said: "Consumer cloud file sharing services have become a 'shadow IT' menace, as using them leads to business critical or confidential information leaving the safety of the controlled corporate network."