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Symantec consolidates all Norton products into one tool

The old interface
The old interface

Symantec has consolidated its Norton portfolio into one product. The single product, Norton Security, is currently in public beta and will be available on September 23rd for $80 a year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Symantec will discontinue Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus and Norton360 in favor of one streamlined tool. Users can access Norton Security on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices.

Other changes to the Norton portfolio include a new user interface and cloud-based management. Symantec is hoping to make Norton Security "feel much more like a service and less like the software you used to 'set and forget,'" Fran Rosch, EVP of Norton wrote in a blog post.

How cloud security works

The cloud-based capability will allow users to manage devices through Norton accounts. Rather than setting up a new account for each device on which Norton is running, users will be able to transfer accounts to new devices without starting from scratch.

Norton will continue to offer optional cloud backup and 24/7 customer support. As part of the consolidation, Norton is also offering a 100% virus-free money-back guarantee.

The Wall Street Journal also reports Symantec will limit the added junkware users commonly were bombarded with when downloading Norton tools in the past.