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Apple might hit reset on iTunes when it launches new streaming service


It's not uncommon for Apple to relaunch iTunes every now and then, but the next iTunes redesign could be a drastic shift with a new focus on streaming.

This is tied to rumors about Apple's streaming music service, which will allegedly combine iTunes Radio and Beats Music into one Apple-run streaming platform.

According to Business Insider's sources, that platform will materialize when Apple relaunches iTunes to focus on streaming music instead of music downloads, with the new service at its heart.

The streaming path

The new iTunes will reportedly also focus on playlists curated by musicians, while the project overall is being led by "mastermind" radio DJ Zane Lowe.

Apple is apparently still in talks with musicians and ironing these details out, so expect it to be a while before the new streaming-focused iTunes materializes.

But these rumors do seem credible; if iTunes is going to stay relevant at all in the future, this is the path it will need to take.