Australians, you can now buy apples (and other stuff) with Apple Pay

Australians, you can now buy apples with Apple Pay

It’s been a long time coming, but Apple Pay has finally made it to our Australian shores.

Though you now have the ability to pay for stuff with your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can currently only do so if you are an American Express card holder – hey, we’ve got to start somewhere, right?

In order to get Apple Pay up and running, you need to enter credit or debit card details into the Wallet app on your iPhone, which will then ask your bank for verification before allowing you to start paying for stuff.

Once you’ve set that up, you will still only be able to use Apple Pay on payment terminals that accept American Express, so make sure the vendor takes AMEX before wagging your wrist around like some sort of buffoon.

Though Apple Pay is currently only available for American Express card holders, Apple is still trying to get more payment providers on board – that could prove tricky, as a recent report by the Australian Financial Review has stated that Aussie banks don't want to share their profits with Apple Pay