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Apple offers big money reward for 50 billionth app download

Apple announces prize for 50 billionth app download
Who's going to get the big app-ple

The 50 billionth app download is about to happen, and Apple wants to reward the receiver with a $10,000 (around £6,400/AUS$9,740) App Store gift card. Nice, huh? We think so.

Though to be honest we'd probably find a general Apple voucher more useful, as 10k is arguably a little too much for just apps. That's a lot of Plants vs Zombies.

But if you just miss out, we have more good news - the next 50 customers who download an app will receive a $500 (around £320/AUS$490) App Store gift card of their own.

To give an idea of the rate at which we're all grabbing apps from the iOS store, the 25 billionth download happened in March 2012 - not all that long ago.

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