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Valve's remote Steam download feature leaves beta, gets official

Valve's remote Steam download feature leaves beta, gets official

Now you can download games on Steam no matter where you are so that they're ready and raring to play when you get home, as Valve's remote Steam download service has left beta.

You'll have to leave Steam running on your PC or Mac while you're elsewhere to allow you to log in to Steam either online or via mobile and set downloads running but you probably do that anyway, right?

You bring the body, I'll bring the steam

This will be handy for when new games are released while you're out and about – no more hanging around gnashing your teeth while the download bar steadily inches towards completion when you get home.

To get your games downloading from afar, you just have to log in and go to the Games list on the Steam Community site from the app or another web browser.

As well as letting you set a download going, the remote service will keep you clued in to the status of your library and any current downloads too. Nifty.

Sadly there's still no word from Valve on the hardware front - but we're still kind of half expecting to hear something about that after a suspicious job posting emerged last month.

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