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Rumour: New entry-level MacBook imminent

New entry-level MacBook refresh on the way?
New entry-level MacBook refresh on the way?

A video demo of an alleged new MacBook has surfaced on the same Vietnamese website that showed off another iPhone 4G prototype earlier this month is the name of said Vietnamese site that now claims to have the new MacBook, having posted a video showing off the machine on YouTube (which you can see below this news update).

MacBook spec bump

Specs for the MacBook shown off in the video include an Intel 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor (current models sport a 2.26GHz chip) and Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics (an update to the current Nvidia 9400M graphics).

No official word on when these alleged new MacBooks will be available.

However, if this boxed product shown off in the video by is an actual new MacBook, then the fact that it is already boxed and ready for sale suggests that we may well seem them sooner rather than later!

Now all we really want to see is a MacBook Air update. Come on, Apple, share the wealth…

Via Engadget