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Apple's OS X and iTunes receive pre-WWDC updates

iTunes update May 2016

Apple released a ton of software updates today. The program everyone loves to hate, iTunes, received some minor interface tweaks. The iTunes 12.4 update brings back the old persistent sidebar, which makes navigation and adding songs to playlists easier.

Overall, the iTunes 12.4 gives the program a much needed nip and tuck though it's not likely to win over any new fans. iTunes has gotten a reputation for being a bloated, slow app over the years, which isn't surprising as it's responsible for managing your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and apps.

Don't worry though, as a Apple's Eddie Cue teased a more dramatic iTunes redesign in the near future. Expect to see the new iTunes appear at Apple's WWDC 2016 in June.

Apple also released a minor update to OS X El Capitan today. Version 10.11.15 features security and stability updates, so make sure to download it in the Mac App Store to keep your Mac secure.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will want to check their Settings apps for an update as well. iOS 9.3.2 brings bug fixes, security patches and a fix for Bluetooth audio issues.

Apple TV and Apple Watch also received updates today featuring bug fixes and security enhancements.

Via: 9to5Mac