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Apple's dev centre is back up a week after being hacked

Coders can get back to coding

After being hacked last week, Apple took its developer centre website down with plans to overhaul its system to prevent future breaches.

The company said that it was "completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software and rebuilding our entire database".

It had also said that personal data such as credit card information and passwords were encrypted, though around 275,000 logins were reportedly put at risk by the hack.

After a week being under maintenance, some components have finally been starting to come back online over the last few days.

Status update

The look and feel of the website so far seems to be mostly the same as before, with Mac, iOS and Safari dev centres back online

Certificates, identifiers and profiles, iTunes connect, bug reports and software downloads services are also available.

Apple has a system status page for updates on what is or what isn't available yet.

Via: 9to5Mac