Download of the day: Wise Folder Hider

Protect your private data from prying eyes

Keeping private information private when using a shared PC can sometimes be a lot more tedious than protecting against online threats. Wise Folder Hider aims to make that situation a thing of the past. 

Why you need it

Whether you've got a list of surprises for your other half's birthday or a secret bank account statement for that rainy day, there's probably been a time when you wanted to hide something on your hard drive. Wise Folder Hider comes to the rescue with a simple solution that helps to hide files and folders, whatever the size or specification.

Key features

Works with any file type

Double password protection

Files can be edited within the program

Protecting your precious files or folders is the one thing you'd expect Wise Folder Hider to excel at, and it doesn't disappoint.

This becomes abundantly clear the first time the program is opened, when it immediately prompts you to enter a password to even begin setting it up.

Once you're in, Wise Folder Hider lets you protect files, folders or USB drives by simply hiding them in a place where they can't be accessed, or by applying a second password to each individual file that adds a layer of protection that's unlikely to be penetrated. 

Wise Folder Hider can handle files of any type, and its clean and simple interface is incredibly easy to use.

Give Wise Folder Hider a try today if you've got sensitive information you want hidden, and you'll soon see why it's the best free tool of its type on the internet right now.