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Razer Mamba review

Free to frag? Can you define 'free' for me?

Razer Mamba
A solid design and good responses make this appealing to the 'more money than sense' crowd

Our Verdict

At a lower price it would still be second-best to the X8, but at £120 it's not fit to share a desk


  • Neat design


  • Ridiculously expensive
  • Poor response out of sleep state
  • Fiddly wired connection

Nine times out of 10, when a new Razer mouse tips up in the office I'll explain how I'm not a big fan of Razer's general mouse architecture and how I find it difficult to understand why so many gamers are enamoured of its products.

But this time I can't do that because so much of this review is going to be taken up by struggling to type while my jaw remains attached to the floor.

How much? No really, how frickin' much do you want to charge for an input device that's hardly changed in 40 years? If it revolutionised the way we interact with our PCs then maybe, just maybe, I could understand the early adoption price premium. But £120 for a wireless laser mouse? Really?

I was all set to admit that I kind of liked the design of this latest Razer, impressed that it didn't immediately feel as though my hand had suddenly developed severe arthritic cramp.

I was ready to admit that, although the wired/wireless capability wasn't anywhere near as good as Microsoft's take with the fantastic Sidewinder X8, it was still a fairly neat stab at it and a perfect option for the lefties out there. In other words, it's not a bad design.

But no. It's £120 and you'd have to be bordering on psychopathic to think spending this much on a mouse was anything less than moronic. Buy your girlfriend a nice present, take her out for a meal or get a gift for your family. At least give some money to charity.

I thought £50 was a lot to spend on a mouse, having been so happy with my MS Intellimouse for so long, but Logitech's G9 and latterly the Sidewinder X8 justify the expense. If you're after a top-of-the-range mouse, go for one of those and do something worthwhile with the extra £70 you'd spend on the Mamba. It'll garner much better Karma…

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