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ATMT HD160 Ultra-Portable Harddisk review

A highly portable storage solution

Its perfect for slipping into your pocket using the included carry case

Our Verdict

A useful and stylish portable storage solution


  • Diminutive dimensions


  • USB cable too short

Ideal for backing up your essential files and folders when out and about, the ATMT HD160 Ultra-Portable Harddisk (£100 inc. VAT) provides 20GB of storage space from a drive half the size of a CD case. Perfect for slipping into your pocket using the included carry case, installation and use are straightforward.

Connected via USB, the necessary cable is fixed to the drive and neatly wraps away out of sight. Once connected to an available port on your laptop, the drive is automatically detected by Windows XP and all drivers installed automatically. Using the drive is a simple case of dragging and dropping your files, and then disconnecting.

The only shortcoming of the HD160 is its short USB cable. Measuring six inches, the drive must be placed very near to the laptop, but this isn't enough to flaw this usable and stylish pocket disk.