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Genius G-Note 7100 review

Transfer your doodles to your PC

The Genius G-Note 7100 can double as a tablet when attached to your PC

Our Verdict

An effective solution, but the price needs to come down before we'd consider this product seriously


  • Handy
  • Works well
  • Good handwriting recognition software


  • Expensive

The best doodles you ever draw are the ones while you're on the phone or in the middle of a meeting.

Inevitably you had to quickly screw up that bit of paper, but with the Genius G-Note series you can instantly store all your doodles, and boring stuff like minutes of meetings, digitally through this A4 notepad.

Steep price

The problem, though, is that at £80 it's massively more expensive than translating your notes from pad to PC. Despite the multiple functionality, it's difficult trying to get past the price.

It can double as a tablet when attached to your PC and comes bundled with handwriting recognition software that can translate your notes fairly accurately.

Should you spend a lot of time in meetings, taking copious notes, then this could be a worthy buy.

The G-Note does what it does in an impressively capable fashion, but the high price is what's stopping us from being able to truly recommend it.