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Kanye West has a rational fear of 3D printers


Kanye West, never one to express his opinion, has some thoughts on 3D printers. He's concerned that they're a threat to the fashion industry, and he's probably right.

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kanye took a tour of an Armenian art school where he came face to face with a 3D printer.

"This is what I'm afraid of right here - 3D printing - because the internet destroyed the music industry, and this is what we're afraid of now with the textile industry," said Kanye. "There will come a time where, it's like, people are making the shoes at home"

It will probably be a few years before we can 3D print our own Yeezys, but Kanye's concern is reasonable. Maybe if any of us could afford them, we might be dissuaded from pirating a pair? Just a thought.

You can watch the full clip over here.