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Will Apple make its own GoPro rival camera?

Apple camera patent
Apple was granted a patent for an action cam

Apple may be considering making its own GoPro-like camera, if a recently uncovered Apple patent is anything to judge by.

Granted these patents don't always pan out into actual products, but it's interesting to consider the avenues a company like Apple will travel nonetheless.

Apple was today granted the patent, which covers a "digital camera system having remote control," but it filed for it back in 2012.

Nevertheless - and this is pretty cool - Apple was already planning ways the camera could be controlled using a smartwatch back then, despite the fact that it didn't debut the Apple Watch until 2014.

Hands-free, for real

The hypothetical Apple action cam could potentially have multiple cameras to take video from several angles at once, as well as multiple mounting apparatus options.

Multiple different microphones, including one for underwater recording, could be included too.

It's easy to imagine a head-mounted camera users could control on their Apple Watches for a truly hands-free experience, but Apple hasn't made any official announcements whatsoever.

Until it does there's always the HTC Re camera if you're looking for a GoPro alternative.

Via Patently Apple