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SlingPlayer comes to the Apple Mac

The public beta will have multiple software updates

The public beta of SlingMedia's SlingPlayer for Mac OS has gone live. The software works seamlessly with the company's SlingBox player.

However it doesn't work with Mac OS 10.3 and earlier. The software does have universal binaries available, but only for 10.4 and later.

SlingMedia's website explains: "We did not want to hold up the software for a majority of customers to make sure we were compatible with all versions of Mac OS X.

"The public beta will have multiple software updates and once we have compatibility with OS X 10.3, we will roll that into a release for the public."

The company is at pains to point out that this is only an early release, especially as the look and feel is "decidedly 'Windows-like'". The company says it will be improving on the Mac experience in time for the full release.

SlingMedia also points out you can't use an AirPort Express with a SlingBox, as the player needs an Ethernet port to connect to your network.