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New iPhoto '09 with face recognition

Apple iPhoto
The new iPhoto '09 features face recognition and geo-tagging features

As expected, Apple rolled out the '09 version of iLife during Phil Schiller's keynote speech at Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

The new software suite features a new version of iPhoto, which adds several new features to the bones of the '08 edition.

For starters, 'Faces' introduces some clever face recognition technology. iPhoto '09 automatically scans your photos to detect people's faces. When you assign a name to a face, iPhoto '09 will analyse it and automatically find more pictures of that person. Ultimately, you can browse your photo library by person using the new Faces view.

Geo-tagging your photos

While 'Events', enables you to sort and organise photos based on 'when' the photos were taken, 'Places' can automatically import photo location data from any GPS-enabled camera or iPhone.

Location data can also be specified manually if you lack any GPS kit. Once iPhoto '09 knows where your photos were taken, you can easily explore geo-tagged photos on an interactive Google Map.

iPhoto '09 also enables you to publish photos quickly to Flickr or Facebook, and to share photos via a themed slideshow or a customised Travel Book (that takes advantage of any location data).

iLife '09 will be available at the end of January and costs £69 ($79).