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Learn a language through an iPod with Berlitz

Each Berlitz Premier title offers instruction suitable for beginners

Berlitz ' range of language tuition programs is now available in a software format designed for use on portable devices.

Software publisher Avanquest UK has launched Berlitz Premier, a new line of foreign language tuition programs. Languages include Spanish, French, German and Italian.

The language programs enable users to brush up their language skills in three ways; on a PC or Mac; in the car; or using a portable listening device such as an iPod, Pocket PC or Palm.

Each Berlitz Premier title offers instruction suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. Users can adjust the pace for learning by exploring the software's topics and focusing their learning in subject areas that suit them.

The key features of the software include actual conversations, multimedia learning including watching and listening to native speakers in real-life situations, interactive flash cards with vocabulary words and phrases, and speech analysis.

Users can record, play back, and compare to perfect their accents and improve pronunciation.

In addition to the software, each Berlitz Premier title features the course on four audio CDs, enabling users to learn in their cars, or via an Apple iPod or similar device.

Berlitz Premier costs £30 and is available now. Anna Lagerkvist