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iPod expert: Apple needs more video content

The new iPod nano supports video playback with its new squat design

Leading analyst iSuppli has hit out at Apple's extended video-supporting iPod line saying the company "did not follow through by announcing any content-related development for video".

Chris Crotty, a senior analyst at iSuppli, says that, historically, Apple has usually co-ordinated hardware and content launches more effectively. An announcement involving video might also have served to diffuse any potential falling-out resulting from Apple's recent differences with NBC, which will no longer be distributing its content through iTunes.

Crotty added to his analysis by saying that Apple's move to add video capability to the nano "is not surprising, given consumer attitudes". He cited iSuppli research showing that 64 per cent of US consumers have "at least some interest in using video on their MP3 players".

iSuppli forecasts that 69 per cent of MP3 players will support video by 2011, with shipments of flash-based video players growing 91 per cent annually. Nearly 10 per cent of U.S. consumers were already using video by the end of 2006.