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OS X tablet like phoenix from MacBook ashes

Turn one of these into something altogether more desirable

Although Steve Jobs failed to deliver on the rumoured tablet Mac earlier this month, all is not lost for Apple fans keen on a spot of keyboard-free action.

That's because US firm Axiotron has just announced it will be happy to take our old MacBooks and sprinkle a little magic dust on them to create shiny new OS X tablets.

No keyboard required

For a base price of $1,299 (£807) Axiotron will perform what it calls Modservice and serve up the – you guessed it – Modbook with touchscreen and appropriate software to make it a pen-based Apple paradise.

Naturally, you'll need an old, non-aluminium MacBook to start with and to send the thing to Axiotron yourself, but we can't think of a better way to repurpose old technology into an object of extreme desire.

Oh, and you'll also need to be in the US to avail yourself of the Modservice magic, but what's a few hundred extra for the plane fare between friends?