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How to cram 20 movies onto one memory card

Forget these - Toshiba can store it all on one little chip

A few days ago we had Toshiba introducing a 512GB solid-state drive to the world, so we're hardly surprised to hear this weekend that the same company is working on an even more impressive feat.

The Japanese giant told the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco that it has developed technology to increase the density of data on a piece of flash memory by a factor of six.

Movie measurement

Upping the storage capacity to 200Gbits per square centimetre, it says, will allow a future memory card (say, a new version of SD) to hold enough data for 20 digital movies, or roughly 150 to 200GB.

Toshiba achieved the data-cramming marvel by using circuits based on a 10nm process – that's 22nm smaller than the current record holder. Still, we're going to have to wait at least six years to get our hands on the new tech.