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Orange SPV M700 review

Pocket PC functions with mobile phone connectivity

With either a gloss black or shiny white casing similar in style to Apple's iPod, the M700 is an attractive tool

Our Verdict

A great combination of mobile phone and PDA functionality


  • Attractive

    Easy to use

    Wide range of features

Orange's SPV M700 (free on contract) is a connected device, offering all the functions of a regular Pocket PC, along with mobile phone connectivity.

With either a gloss black or shiny white casing similar in style to Apple's iPod, the M700 is an attractive tool. Hardware buttons on the front are restricted to navigational buttons and two keys for starting and ending phone calls.

These work well, and we found it easy to control the device without resorting to the 2.8-inch touchscreen. However, the lack of keyboard hampered use as a phone, and using the included stylus made text messages time-consuming.

However, as a traditional PDA the M700 excels. The display proved large enough for scribbling notes on, without compromising mobility.

With Windows Mobile 5.0 installed, you'll find the usual Office Mobile applications included, allowing you to create and edit documents and spreadsheets and view Powerpoint presentations.

As a business device, connectivity is important, and the M700 is fully featured. Getting online is easy, and 3G technology lets you browse the web at fast speeds almost wherever you go. Support for push-email means you can send and receive emails almost instantly.

You can make video calls using the built-in webcam, and there's a 2-megapixel camera for snaps. A Wi-Fi adapter is also included, enabling connections to wireless networks.

Unlike its predecessor, the M600, the M700 features an integrated GPS receiver. This means you will be able to use it as a satellite navigation device without having to mess around with a separate GPS receiver. Unfortunately, comprehensive mapping is not included, and you'll have to download trip details.

There's a lot to like about the M700. We found it responsive, well made, attractive and full of features.