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Ebode Take10 review

A flexible remote control with bespoke macro facility, but you'll need a big coffee table...

Ebode Take10
It's big and hefty but the Ebode Take10 offers a good amount of options for the outlay


  • Affordable
  • Bright 2.2-inch colour screen
  • Easy-to-use wizard


  • Big and heavy
  • Tedious macros

The 2.2-inch screen on the Ebode Take10 ensures that it looks very similar to touch-screen rivals such as the Logitech Harmony.

However, the screen on the Take10 isn't touch-sensitive, and is instead flanked by two additional sets of buttons that enable you to select your on-screen menu options.

All buttoned up

That design decision helps to keep the price down to a relatively modest £50, but all those extra buttons do mean that this model is larger and chunkier than most of its rivals. In fact, once you've installed three AA batteries into it, the darn thing is hefty enough to qualify as an offensive weapon.

Nonetheless, the basic design works well. When you turn it on for the first time, the device displays a 'wizard' on its screen that helps you to set it up to control your TV and other kit.

It's pre-programmed with control codes for most well-known electronics manufacturers but, as expected, it didn't initially recognize my FetchTV box.

Fortunately, as per the OneForAll SmartControl, the Take10 can cycle through its entire library of command codes until it finds one that works. So, after pressing the Power button 318 times (out of a possible 407) I found a code that worked and was able to control the FetchTV box too.

The Take10 also enables you to create a list of favourite TV channels for instant access, and to set up 'macros' that can issue multiple commands, such as turning on both your TV and Sky box and selecting a specific channel.

This process is a bit long-winded, though, so another wizard that could speed things up a bit would be welcome here.

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