Symantec Endpoint Security (SES)

Broadcom's Symantec Endpoint Security Complete delivers on its promises

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With Symantec Endpoint, your digital realm is safe from a multitude of cyberattacks. Its impressive security system combines AI and unique technologies to recognize and halt potential dangers, even unknown exploits. Plus, you can manage a plethora of endpoints from one place. Despite its noteworthy strengths, SES, unfortunately, still has some weaknesses.


  • +

    Great for preventing attacks

  • +

    Simple to use, yet versatile enough

  • +

    Great and precise intrusion detection module

  • +

    Stable solution


  • -

    Support could be speedier in their replies

  • -

    Limit of “a predetermined number of devices to protect”

  • -

    Must be bought through Symantec vendors

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Symantec Cybersecurity Services specialize in endpoint protection, data loss prevention (DLP), and web filtering solutions for businesses. Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) Complete, an EDR solution, is a perfect combination of cloud-based protection with AI-driven threat hunting and guided management to help organizations stay safe from endpoint threats. The cost of SES Complete varies according to the features and can be acquired from one of Broadcom's resale partners on a per-device subscription basis.

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Plans and pricing

Symantec’s pricing is unique compared to its competitors, as there is no list price on the website itself. Rather, Symantec directs users to the sites of vendors who, in turn, sell licenses for the software. The cost of securing your endpoints can differ among Broadcom partners, with a one-year business subscription potentially ranging from $16.90 to $49.99 per endpoint, based on the partner and any available discounts. 

Additionally, there are attractive offers for educational institutions and other special promotions. To discover the best value, consult the directory of partners on Broadcom's website. Although Broadcom's pricing may appear somewhat dated in comparison to the transparent pricing of its contemporary security rivals, conducting your own investigation to maximize your security budget is the best way to move forward.


The sophisticated Symantec Endpoint Protection platform brings together multiple layers of security to keep your IT network safe. Harnessing the power of AI, Symantec business antivirus serves as the foundation of SEP, with a selection of other features enhancing its performance.

SEP's intelligence network scans millions of systems worldwide and analyzes the data, combined with billions of other factors from users, files, and websites, to assess the risk levels of each file accessed online. Through its SONAR behavioral monitoring AI, the system looks at over a thousand file behaviors in real-time to detect malicious activity. This AI-driven technology allows SEP to stop attacks, even of previously unknown malware, without blocking any genuine software. Astonishingly, it identified over one million software samples without a single misstep - while the industry average saw 28 false positives.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Cloud (Image credit: Symantec Endpoint Protection)

It offers not just malware prevention but also an array of additional features, such as establishing security policies, generating alerts, and monitoring the status of all endpoints. The extensive features and customization options allow IT teams to tailor your company's security to meet your specific requirements.

Utilize the user-friendly Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to access all these functionalities through a single, comprehensive interface designed for easy security management. The Manager supplies a swift overview of your endpoints' activities, including the number of new malware infections encountered. 

Moreover, the platform offers ready-made reports catering to all security requirements. Evaluation of security protocols on endpoints is effortless, as is examining the results of security scans. It is also easy to pinpoint any possible hazards identified by Symantec Endpoint Protection's automated risk evaluation system. Furthermore, the extensive reports grant access to an abundance of security-related data. Additionally, you have the option to establish automatic email distribution for your commonly used reports, ensuring your SOC team remains up-to-date.

Interface and in use

With Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEP) at the helm, setting up and managing your network security is an effortless process. Its intuitive interface, single software agent and preconfigured settings, such as virus and spyware protection, save valuable time and enable immediate deployment. However, the immense range of features offered by SEP can be a challenge to even the most seasoned user,  from SONAR to Power Eraser, learning to navigate these options is key for effective security and reduced false positives.

Symantec Endpoint dashboard

Symantec Endpoint dashboard (Image credit: Symantec Endpoint Protection)

The cloud console is designed with convenience and user-friendliness in mind - and once you've accessed it, a dashboard of real-time security data about your devices is displayed.  Plus, the device information is incredibly detailed, with data about hardware, applications, and event logs. Group management is also a breeze - simply add users, members and devices to a group, and both users and devices can be members. This makes it super easy to apply stricter security profiles to certain users, while those inside the network can enjoy a more lenient policy.


Broadcom presents an abundance of technical assistance choices for its SEP platform, including a self-help portal containing product guides, instructional articles, and educational videos, telephone assistance, a user discussion board, and an internet-based IT ticket submission system. Furthermore, Broadcom supplies a troubleshooting instrument, enabling your IT staff to address issues directly.


The comprehensive Terms of use on the site offer an introductory glance at the security and safety features the company relies on. As its an on-premises security solution, most of the security will be reliant upon the IT administrator and his proper usage of this tool.

The competition

NordLayer is one of the numerous competitors in the space, but compared to SES, it is easier to use and set up. Price-wise, it is also more affordable, but does not have the robust protection capabilities that SES provides. Regardless, it could be a viable alternative when shopping for a security solution. 

Perimeter 81 is another great choice when it comes to securing your network. It has a lot of advanced features to protect your network and also helps you customize its solution to your specific needs. If you’re looking for a turnkey solution, then Perimeter 81 can help you, but it’s geared more toward mid-sized businesses.

Final verdict

Broadcom's Symantec Endpoint Security Complete delivers on its promises - highly effective endpoint protection that prevents malicious attacks, provides plenty of flexibility and customization and ensures PC and server endpoints remain secure. For the small business, it's the best bet - the power of SEP and post-breach response plus mobile device security - making SES Complete the ultimate security solution.

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