Intel Core i7-6700K review

Another quad-core chip? Yup, but this one's a bit different

Intel Core i7
Intel Core i7

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We liked

The new Core i7-6700K gives enthusiasts a bit more pep and performance, but it's most exciting in terms of overclocking, and the fact that it could herald the return of the good old days when you could buy a less expensive chip and ramp it right up with some good cooling.

We disliked

Our benchmark results were rather underwhelming. Yes, the 6700K offers performance gains, but they're very modest improvements, particularly on the gaming front. If you've already got a fast Haswell or Ivy Bridge processor, you probably won't see much noticeable benefit from Skylake.

Final verdict

The Core i7-6700K might not offer a huge amount over and above existing Intel chips in the performance stakes, but it is a little faster, and fingers crossed, the developments on the overclocking side are a sign of good things to come.


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