AVG Antivirus Free

Guard against viruses, spyware and protect yourself from dangerous links

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Our Verdict

AVG Antivirus Free may serve as a gigantic advert for other AVG software, but it does its protective duties well.


  • Quite configurable
  • Great track record of malware protection
  • Very simple to use


  • Scans can be rather slow
  • Not the best phishing protection
  • Ads for paid version of AVG

Something of a stalwart of the antivirus world, AVG Antiviruds's popularity has been eaten into by a number of other free security tools. So does that mean that the software is any less worthy of attention? Far from it. 

AVG Antivirus Free

Where to download: http://www.avg.com/

Type: Antivirus

Developer: AVG Technologies

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Android

Version: 2017

While AVG Antivirus Free may appear to be a relatively simple piece of protective software, there is an awful lot going on in the background. However, it's worth noting that while AVG says "whatever your device, we've got you covered", this only applies to Windows, Mac and Android – there's no iOS or Linux version available.

AVG Antivirus Free manages to cater to two types of people: those who just want protection and don’t want have to get involved in the process, and those who want control over everything that's going on. This, really, is quite a feat.

It's reassuring to know that AVG Antivirus Free will automatically protect against rogue software, malicious emails, dangerous websites and more – you don’t need to do anything; the software will just spring into action when it is needed.

But for the more experienced user, AVG Antivirus Free offers pages of options for configuring exceptions, choosing how and when checks are performed and much more. It's a delicate balancing act that AVG manages to pull off with aplomb. 

User experience

It's hard to get away from the fact that AVG Antivirus Free badgers users into upgrading to a paid-for version of the software. Right from the start – the moment of installation – you're prompted to install a trial of AVG Internet Security (in fact, you're actively encouraged to go down this route). Even if you opt not to install this software, you'll still find that the interface of AVG Free is littered with links to components that are not free. It can be annoying.

Get past this, though, and AVG Antivirus Free's interface is simple and pleasing to use. Learn to turn a blind eye to the pestering, and this is a great piece of software.

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