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Avast Cleanup lets you clean up your computer to ensure maximum performance

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Every PC owner should constantly check their device for flaws and fix them to keep it in perfect working order. Avast Cleanup Premium is an ideal tool for this task. It’s a handy tool for every kind of computer user, whether a regular user or professional.


  • +

    Optimizes power usage

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    Enhances your PC’s performance

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    Easy to use and navigate through

  • +

    Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android


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    Too many notifications

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    Scanning may take a long time

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Avast Cleanup Premium is a device management tool made by Avast Software, based in the Czech Republic. Avast is most famous for its antivirus software, but it has many other product lines. The company has been in business for over three decades and is currently one of the most prominent software firms.

Avast Cleanup has a free trial version or paid “Premium” version, and the latter is where we’ll focus our review. We’ll judge it based on specific criteria, including pricing, features, compatibility, user interface, and customer support.

Avast Cleanup is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems.


Avast Cleanup Premium is very reasonably priced and the software often goes on sale (Image credit: Avast)

Plans and pricing

Avast Cleanup Premium costs $60 per year for a license covering just one device or $70 for ten devices. However, the company often runs heavy discounts bringing down the cost by half. Right now, you can get an annual license for one device for $30 and ten devices for $35. It’s the same price for Windows, Mac, or Android operating systems.

Compared to its competitors, Avast Cleanup is expensive. Avast is a premium brand in the software industry, so it can charge higher prices without scaring away customers. 


Avast Cleanup Premium provides plenty of features to keep your PC running smoothly (Image credit: Avast)


Disk Cleaner

Avast Cleanup Premium lets you check your hard disk for unnecessary files and programs and destroy them. Unwanted files on your hard drive can significantly slow down your computer, so you’ll want to eliminate them. 

Browser Cleaner

You get specific data installed on your browser whenever you surf the net, such as web cookies. Such data can lag your browser’s performance, especially in large numbers. Avast Cleanup can remove all of them in one click. 

Put Apps to Sleep

Put apps to sleep automatically for improved performance (Image credit: Avast)

Sleep Mode

Monitoring the apps running on your PC can be a pain, mainly for the background apps. This feature can detect which apps are consuming the most computing resources at any point in time and put them to sleep. It runs automatically, without interfering with your usual functions.

Bloatware Removal

Bloatware could be unwanted toolbars or preinstalled software taking up valuable space on your PC. This feature lets you wipe them off quickly and free up space for other computing tasks. 

Automatic Updates

Keep your software updated automatically with Avast Cleanup Premium (Image credit: Avast)

Automatic Maintenance and Updates

Avast Cleanup Premium can run automatic checks on your PC to identify outdated software programs. After specifying them, you can immediately update them to ensure optimal performance. 

Registry Cleaner

This feature is mainly for Windows users. It lets you check your Windows registry for unnecessary entries and remove them without stress.

Shortcut Cleaner

You can remove dead shortcuts and history lists from your computer with one click.

Interface and in use

Avast Cleanup Premium is very user-friendly, starting from downloading and installing. To download it, go to Avast’s official website and select the version for your operating system. You’ll have to pay first, but the payment process is straightforward.


(Image credit: Avast)

After downloading and installing the software, you can begin using it immediately. All the functions are accessible in one single menu. It’s easy to use and navigate through. If user-friendliness were our only review criteria, it’d score a straight 5-star rating.


Avast provides 24/7 customer support through email, telephone, and live chat. You can always contact the company directly to resolve your issues. It’s a global software company with millions of users, so this broad customer service is helpful. 


An extensive knowledge base contains plenty of useful tutorials on Avast Complete Premium (Image credit: Avast)

There’s also a FAQ page and Knowledge Base to check for solutions to common problems.

The competition

Avast Cleanup Premium has many competitors, such as CCleaner and MacBooster. 

CCleaner has a pricing advantage over Avast Cleanup. It costs $30 per year, compared to Avast Cleanup’s $60 per year. You can, however, utilize Avast’s hefty discounts and get Cleanup Premium for the same price as CCleaner. Note that the discount may not apply when renewing your annual subscription. 

MacBooster starts at $30 per year, cheaper than Avast Cleanup. However, it’s only available for Mac OS compared to Avast Cleanup, which is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android.

Final verdict

Avast Cleanup is a tool that lives up to its hype. It helps speed up and maintain your computer’s performance. However, the main drawback is that it’s relatively expensive. We’d make it cheaper if we had the choice. 

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