Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk Review

The Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk offers a smooth user experience with its beveled edge while still retaining all the great features of the original desk

Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk
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TechRadar Verdict

The Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk is an excellent desk for those looking for a no-frills standing desk at a reasonable price or for those looking for a company to buy from with many great additional accessories.


  • +

    Smooth edge

  • +

    Solid-built desk

  • +

    Four memory settings


  • -

    Cable management is extra

  • -

    All the great accessories are additional too

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The Ergo Electric Standing Desk from Vari is a slight variation from the previously-reviewed Electric Standing Desk, and is from the same company that released the highly-rated Essential Electric Standing DeskTask Chair, the Pro Plus 36, as can be seen in our guide to the best standing desk converter, and more.

The Ergo Electric Standing Desk is another step in that direction towards the best standing desk, as unlike other products on the market today, this has a beveled front which my forearms greatly appreciate. Having this softer and lowered edge means that while working away all day, my forearms rest on a flat surface, not a 90-degree corner.

Outside of this change, the only notable difference we have seen is the inclusion of some cable grommets in the desk towards the back corners, one on each side.

Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Unboxing and First Impressions

Much like the Electric Standing Desk, I could set up the Ergo Electric Standing Desk in minutes. Within 10 minutes of unboxing this desk, I was set up and picking height presets. Not only was this build fast, but it was also straightforward. The instructions were incredibly helpful, and all the pieces fit together without hard work or struggle.

Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

Design and Build Quality


Dimensions: 54 x 26in
Lifting Capacity: 200lb
Height Range: 25 - 50.5in

As we have come to expect with all Vari products, the Electric Standing Desk is built very well and from high-quality materials. The joints fit perfectly for the desk's connection to the legs, the wood top is beautiful and perfectly cut, and the pre-drilled holes for assembly and accessories are in all the right places.

The smooth, rounded, waterfall-esque edge only took my wrists about five seconds to get used to. I immediately noticed a difference in my overall wrist and forearm fatigue, and I miss the softened edge when switching back to my other desks.

While testing, I have tried out my fair share of desk setups on this desk, including multi-monitor setups, single ultrawide monitors, with all the desk fixings you could ever hope for, and found no issue with weight distribution or crowdedness.

Finally, the last thing I will say about the Vari Electric Standing Desk is that the actual desktop itself is also beautiful - I chose the Darkwood color, and it is gorgeous.

Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

In Use

The Electric Standing Desk has been great to use so far. The main thing I appreciate about this desk more than anything else is the flagship waterfall front edge. Giving my forearms a break has been much more significant than expected. I still use my other desks too. I have eight desk setups in my basement office (Yes, I know that's excessive), all set up to test different desks, monitors, chairs, accessories, and laptops. I return to the waterfall front desk for long writing sessions or long times of extended work, either sitting or standing, simply so I can feel some relief on my forearms.

Vari Ergo Electric Standing Desk

(Image credit: Collin Probst // Future)

In selecting my desk build, I decided to explore the accessory options available from Vari fully. While I had already chosen an ergonomic desk, I was curious to see how other gear would work with it to help extend my working experience. 

First, I chose to pick up the ergonomic ActiveMat, which is designed to keep you moving while standing on it, almost like a fidget toy for your feet, while also giving great points to stretch on.

For desk storage, I picked up the Hanging Desk Cubby, the standard File Cabinet, and I am using the bag hooks that came with the desk. Beyond this, I was also curious about what kind of desktop accessories I could get with this desk. I picked up the LED Task Lamp + Wireless Charger to add light and a wireless charging option to my desk. Lastly, I wanted to add more ports, so I grabbed the Vari Power Hub. Altogether, this creates quite a powerful desk with both legitimate power options and storage options.

While Vari may not have these kinds of accessories built into the desk, they come as recommended when you buy the desk, making them a close enough extension of the desk to consider while considering what desk to buy.

Final Verdict

Vari has knocked it out of the park again with the Electric Standing Desk. The build quality with Vari gear is always top-notch, the accessories make the desk as functional as it is aesthetically beautiful, and the desk itself is gorgeous. If you are looking for a desk and find your forearms always have marks or are sore from leaning against the desk corner while typing, check out Vari's Ergo Electric Standing Desk as your next desk.

Collin Probst

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