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Ugreen’s GS1200 station includes a 1200W AC inverter and a 1024Wh LiFePo4 battery. With features like WiFi connectivity, UPS mode, and a 1000W fast charger, its major drawback is a weak 400W solar input.


  • +

    Up to 2500W output power

  • +

    LiFePo4 battery

  • +

    WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity

  • +



  • -

    Automatically turns AC off even with a small load

  • -

    400W solar input

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The Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200 power station packs the latest rechargeable Lithium technology in a compact format. 


Weight: 11.5kg

Battery Type: LiFePo4

Battery Capacity: 1024Wh

AC Inverter power: 1200W (2500W for certain appliances)

Number of AC outputs: Six

Number of USB outputs: Four; 2 Type-A, 2 Type-C

Number of DC outputs: Three 12V

Solar Input Voltage Range and power: 12V - 48V, 400W Max

Fastest Charge Time: One hour

Wireless: Bluetooth and WiFi

Other features: Flashlight, Electronic fuse, ground tab, UPS mode

AC Efficiency: 85%

The 1024Wh battery offers over 3000 charge cycles, while the built-in AC charger can top the unit in less than one hour. With a total of fourteen ports, including six 10A 120V AC outlets and eight low-voltage DC ports, the GS1200 can power appliances such as microwave ovens while simultaneously charging a gaming laptop.

The user can proudly display the sleek GS1200 on an office table, where it can also serve as a UPS. Dedicated on/off switches make using the station straightforward. The large segmented LCD offers excellent contrast, being readable from several meters. If that’s not enough, a mobile app brings all controls to the owner’s fingertips. With two cooling fans, the GS1200 is quiet enough to be used in a room at night.

Ugreen offers several options when purchasing a GS1200. A single unit costs $999, while two costs under $1900. That is cheap for a LiFePo4 battery type at $0.97 per Wh. The station is also available with one or two 200W solar panels for $1247 and $1749, respectively.

Is it one of the best portable power stations? Read on to find out.

Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200 front

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Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200: Design

UGreen’s PowerRoam GS1200 station measures 34 cm x 22 cm x 27cm for 11.5kg. The grey plastic shell feels tough and will easily withstand knocks. A non-retractable handle located at the top helps to carry the unit effortlessly. Two fans provide adequate airflow to cool internal components while charging the battery, along with air vents on both sides.

A large segmented LCD sits on the front panel, showing battery capacity and input/output power consumption. In addition, various icons show which outputs are enabled or if issues are present while operating the station. The display’s white color segments on a dark background offer excellent contrast and are readable in bright sunlight, even from a few meters away.

Push buttons control output sections with a single click. A faint white LED embedded in each button indicates whether the output is activated or not. An IoT button enables the unit's Bluetooth and WiFi capability and helps connect to the companion mobile App. The station also includes a multifunction LED flashlight that supports two intensity levels and a strobe mode.

The GS1200 integrates a 1024Whr LiFePo4 battery pack, which should provide over five years of usage when recharged daily before experiencing an 80% capacity drop. The built-in 1200W AC inverter can supply 2500W for short periods through six AC sockets located on the right. The low-voltage DC section comprises two Type-C 100W and two Type-A 22.5W sockets. The Ugreen power station also incorporates three regulated 12V output sockets, two DC5521, and one cigarette carport. Output sections can provide a maximum of 1565W combined under normal usage.

Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200 right side

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Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200: In Use

The GS1200 includes 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth radios to connect to a smartphone running either Android or iOS. Setting up the app is straightforward; on-screen instructions guide the user and require only a few steps. We noted that WiFi is disabled after some time to save power.

The mobile app contains elements available on the station’s front panel. The user can remotely turn output sections on and off while displaying real-time battery capacity and power consumption or adjusting settings that include power-saving or always-on mode.

The station guards against output short-circuits by shutting them down and displaying an error code. In addition, the GS1200 supports an Uninterruptible Power Supply mode or UPS capable of instantly switching power from the grid to the inverter and battery in case of a blackout.

Charging the GS1200 can be done in several ways, the most practical being using the embedded 1200W power adapter. A full charge usually takes under one hour. Solar charging is also available, but with the station capable of a maximum of 400W, it is the slowest charging mean. The solar input offers a wide voltage range from 12V to 48V, thus allowing panels in different configurations.

The 1200W AC inverter found in the station is about 85% efficient. Power loss through heat dissipates with the help of the fan, which generates less than 50dB of noise at one meter. The WiFi module has a good range, covering a radius of 10 meters. The testing unit shows some functional hiccups, as AC outputs are turned off even with the power-saving feature disabled, making the unit unusable with a PC in sleep mode.

Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200 left side

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Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200: The competition

Ugreen’s GS1200 compact power station offers features such as long battery life, WiFi connectivity, and a UPS mode. Stations with similar characteristics sell at a price premium and are only available with higher power and battery capacity.

The EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station is bigger and heavier than the GS1200. It possesses an 1800W AC inverter and a 1024Wh LiFePo4 battery, the same battery chemistry used in Ugreen’s station. Still, with a higher price tag, the Delta 2 lacks an emergency light, making it less practical on the road.

Ugreen PowerRoam GS1200: Final verdict

The GS1200 is a proper portable power station at a low price point. It is surprisingly compact for the LiFePo4 battery chemistry and AC inverter offered. Built-in WiFi coupled with UGreen’s mobile app makes life easier, allowing remote connection to the station. The unit supports popular DC sockets, from the ubiquitous Type-C and barrel-type DC5521 to the 12V car cigar socket. Six AC outlets capable of 1200W should be enough to power all common household appliances.

The Ugreen GS1200 is far from perfect; the station’s firmware requires some additional work to be great. The WiFi connection is lost after a while, making the unit unreachable. The unit also turns off AC outputs if it thinks no electrical loads are connected. A small load, such as a PC in sleep mode, will get powered off.

Buy If

You want a compact and affordable unit with built-in WiFi connectivity, UPS mode, and long battery life, then the GS1200 is good for you. 

Don’t Buy If

With an underwhelming charge time through the solar port, the GS1200 might not be the right station for campers. 

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