GBK slammed after April Fools "joke" raises scam fear

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) has been slammed by customers after an April Fool's joke email left many worried they had been hacked.

The company's attempt at an April Fool's joke saw customers sent an email entitled "Order confirmation: 1046758092", causing some to panic under the belief their accounts had been hacked to place orders without their knowing.

Once opened, the email was revealed to actually contain details about the company's new burger customization options, but customers were quick to complain on social media about the "joke".

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Users on Twitter/X criticized GBK for the email, with many saying they thought they had been scammed or had their accounts hacked.

"Shameful “April fools” email from #GourmetBurgerKitchen. Well more fool you… unsubscribed. Been a victim of fraud in the past and this is utterly disgusting," one victim wrote.

"Not cleaver (sic) and not professional!  As a previous victim of fraud this sent my anxiety through the roof.   Not at all impressed by the marketing department at gourmet burger kitchen!" complained another.

Other users stated they had reported GBK to both the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) and the ICO (Indepenent Commission Office) for breaches of their respective codes.

The wording of GBK's email once opened left many unamused, with the company saying "Now We've Got Your Attention" before describing its new launch, "The Chief".

TechRadar Pro has contacted Bopa Restaurants, parent company of GBK, for comment.

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