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Lastolite Brolly Grip Kit with Translucent Umbrella review

Umbrella and grip for off-camera flash lighting

Lastolite Brolly Grip Kit with Translucent Umbrella
Soften the light you bounce onto subjects with this umbrella and grip


  • Inexpensive combination
  • Lightweight
  • Large grip for all handsizes


  • Umbrella less suited for more demanding conditions, such as outdoors

The Lastolite Brolly Grip Kit with Translucent Umbrella is a light modifier that enables the photographer to shoot through the umbrella with a standard flashgun.

This creates a soft, diffused light ideally suited for portraiture, although being a translucent umbrella it can also be used to reflect a little light back into a scene.

The grip features sockets for 8mm and 10mm umbrella shafts, as well as a hotshoe for mounting flashguns. Although it's designed to be handheld, it can also be mounted onto a stand via its base, should you wish to set it up and move around.

The small umbrella, meanwhile, measures 50cm/20 inches, although a 90cm/35-inch size that's compatible with the grip is also available, should you need it.

There's no way of locking the umbrella in position once it's in the socket, but once it's in it fits tightly and doesn't move around as the photographer does.

It can be quickly pulled in and out to different positions as and when required, and it can be collapsed and stored away in the supplied blue carry case within seconds.

While the umbrella's build quality is fine for its price, it may not suit more demanding outdoor conditions, such as outdoors when it's windy. Then again, its simplicity does help to keep its weight down, and its low price means it can be cheaply replaced without hassle.

As with the umbrella, the grip is also fairly lightweight, although its large size makes it suitable for a range of hand sizes. It's perfectly comfortable to hold for extended periods of time once a flashgun has been mounted, while the screw ensures that the flashgun is held firmly in position.