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You can now talk to your Pebble Time, and the apps will listen

Pebble Time Round

Pebble has released a dictation API for third-party app devs so that they can now add voice dictation to make the Pebble Time smartwatches much useful, while also announcing it is using Nuance voice recognition tech to power it all.

The new set of dev tools are available for the Pebble Time, Time Steel and for the new Time Round smartwatches, letting app makers create more dictation capabilities for their apps.

Currently, dictation is only available on the Pebble Time and Time Steel, at least for Android users, to reply to messages and emails, while Pebble Time Round will be getting this feature starting November 8.

Unfortunately, it's not available for iOS users yet, though considering this is where dictation support is the most useful, we hope the new API paves the way for iOS users to get this feature too.

We're not sure what other voice support functions will be heading to the Pebble Time watches, but opening up the API to third-party devs will make the smartwatches a whole lot more useful and productive.