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HP sued over £4,000 per gallon printer ink

The price of ink for HP printers has reached $8,000 per gallon

Hardware giant HP is being sued over hiked-up printer ink prices, which have apparently now reached a whopping $8,000 (£3,986) per gallon.

A Boston man, Ranjit Bedi, has filed a lawsuit accusing HP and office supply retailer Staples of colluding to raise the price of printer ink. The two firms are being sued for violating US federal antitrust law.

The lawsuit claims that market-leader HP paid Staples $100 million not to sell cheap third-party ink cartridges, leaving its customers with no option than to go for more expensive branded goods. There's no word how Bedi arrived at this conclusion, Ars Technica reports.

Hot topic

Ink is a hot topic in the world of printers. With it now possible to pick up the hardware for about the same as a round of drinks, the manufacturers have had to find other ways to make money, which is where the price of ink cartridges comes in.

Some printer manufacturers have considered using a type of embedded DRM in their ink cartridges, blocking the use of any third-party products.