Why now might be the best time to switch password managers

Password Security
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In today's ever-changing business landscape, making sure your company stays secure from the latest cyber-threats and risks is paramount. Having the right security protection in place can quite literally be the difference between success and bankruptcy, and you need to be sure you can rely on the systems operating at all times.

However, several high-profile recent incidents have shown that even some of the most well-known security providers can suffer attacks - so if you are considering how to shore up your business' safeguards, it might be time for a change.

Passwords have long been a security sore point for many of us, a necessary evil that somehow remains a vital part of staying safe online. We all know the importance of having strong and unique passwords that are changed regularly, but with so many other pressures impacting our everyday lives, shouldn't there be an easier way?

1Password is one of the leading password manager platforms on the market today, offering customers a secure and robust service they can trust to keep their details safe.

The company prides itself on offering a more robust security model that goes beyond simple passwords, utilizing dual-key encryption for an extra level of protection.

This model requires a combination of two keys to open, neither of which is ever seen or kept on record by 1Password. Both keys are required, including the second "secret" key, a 128-bit, machine-generated code that's mathematically infeasible to crack. Without both these keys, an attacker can't access your account - and even if they were to get their hands on a copy of your vault, they would be unable to get entry to it.

In order to boost security even further, 1Password also utilizes a Secure Remote Password (SRP) login approach. This means that when a user tries to sign in, 1Password does not send your password to a server, where it could be intercepted or stolen, but instead uses the SRP protocol to authenticate your login details, keeping your vault protected.

Everything in your vault is also kept safe by extra layers of protection, as 1Password doesn't just encrypt your documents and items, but extends the service to metadata such as website URLs, vault names - so outside hackers are unable to even see what is inside.

Don't just take our word for it - 1Password invests significantly in outside verification, both through third-party security audits and the industry's largest bug bounty program. It also makes its approach to security public, so customers can review the findings and determine for themselves. For those users who aren't security experts just yet, the company also provides guidance and schooling on key lessons to take, even if it's just reasserting why strong passwords are a must-have. 

So if you feel the time is right for a change, then check out 1Password today as your ideal business companion. 

The company's 1Password Teams Starter Pack allows small businesses to secure up to 10 people for a flat monthly price of $19.95. For businesses with more than 10 employees, it offers a Business plan at $7.99 per user monthly - and every 1Password plan comes with a 14 day free trial so you can make sure it has everything you need.