Whitepaper: Adobe Sign - Fast, flexible and compliant e-signatures for global businesses

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Andrew Rybalko)

In today’s global economy, companies are digitising as quickly as possible in order to remain competitive and deliver the experiences customers expect. Crucial to this process is adopting electronic signatures to transact business digitally and get approvals, as paper-based processes and wet-ink signatures are inefficient, expensive and time-consuming.

At the same time, business is becoming ever more global, so this digitisation process must comply with the vast array of international regulations and security requirements that govern the digitisation of traditionally paper-based processes.

This eBook will explore the benefits and challenges of electronic and digital signatures, compliance considerations and finally, show how businesses can combine the benefits of modern e-signatures with easy-to-use digital signatures in order to stay fully compliant in an increasingly global world of international regulations - submit your details below to access the full whitepaper and find out more.