Verisure home security provider

Verisure home security provider
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Verisure is a European-based home security provider offering an extensive range of anti-theft and accident-protection solutions. All Verisure systems include 24/7 monitoring, professional installation, maintenance, and smart home integrations. In selected locations, an in-person security service is also included.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t service the United States, so we encourage US-based customers to check out one of the other top providers in our home security buying guide

However, for everyone else, we encourage you to read our in-depth review of Verisure’s systems. We believe it’s one of the best home security systems money can buy.

Verisure: Plans and pricing

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a detailed pricing structure in our review because Verisure doesn’t publish this information online. Instead, Verisure provides personalized quotes for all potential customers.

What we can tell you, however, is that Verisure requires new customers to sign a three-year contract, necessitating a substantial commitment to the company. Costs over three years begin at around £2,000 and can reach as high as £4,000, depending on the number of accessories and devices installed. 

These approximate prices make Verisure one of the most expensive home security providers in the market. It certainly isn’t the right provider for anyone looking for a DIY home security solution.

Verisure evaluation

The absence of online pricing information is frustrating (Image credit: Verisure)

Verisure: How it works

Verisure is a premium home security provider that has developed its products and services around a tri-part strategy: “to prevent intrusions, detect intrusions, and provide fast and efficient solutions to any incident.” 

The company achieves these goals by providing not only a best-in-class suite of hardware options and 24/7 monitoring but also an in-person security service called Guard. 

Before you purchase a Verisure system, however, a company representative will visit your home to evaluate your property’s strengths and weaknesses, and discuss your needs and preferences in a home security solution. 

Verisure customers also benefit from professional installation and lifelong warranty and maintenance, which is all included in the system's costs.

Verisure evaluation

Verisure is a premium service for those wanting best-in-class protection (Image credit: Verisure)

Verisure: Features and services

Verisure provides (in selected areas) its own security team who will respond to triggered alarms or distress signals immediately. This service will be reassuring for security-oriented families and individuals who want the added comfort of knowing security guards will come to your home in an emergency. 

This high-end service separates the company from almost all other home security providers. Although it makes the service quite a bit more expensive, it’s what defines Verisure as a truly comprehensive, all-in-one home security solution.

Verisure evaluation

Verisure’s Guard response is a seriously impressive part of the company’s product (Image credit: Verisure)

The control panel is the centerpiece of the Verisure system. It connects the cameras, sensors, and accessories into one cohesive system. In general, we think it is a competent control panel, and we like that it is fully portable, separating it from many competitors’ wall-mounted counterparts. 

However, there isn’t anything particularly innovative or exciting about the Verisure 3G Control Panel beyond portability. The fact it doesn’t have a screen is disappointing. It makes the panel feel awfully out of date, particularly compared to the advanced and feature-rich control panels of competitors such as Vivint and Google Nest. 

We also found the company’s emphasis on the control panel’s 3G capabilities to be somewhat perplexing, seeing as 3G has now been surpassed not only by 4G technology but also 5G. Why not just market the control panel as the Verisure Control Panel?

Verisure evaluation

Verisure’s control panel isn’t inspiring (Image credit: Verisure)

We included the Zero Vision device due to its uniqueness in the market. It is a smoke-screen device that releases a non-toxic but incredibly dense smoke, making it impossible for an intruder to see or navigate your home. This not only protects the contents of your home from theft but usually causes the burglar to flee. 

If you’re worried about the Zero Vision blanketing your home in smoke when you come home late and forget to deactivate your system, don’t stress. The Zero Vision device can only be activated by one of Verisure’s employees in the 24/7 monitoring center.

Verisure evaluation

The Zero Vision device is one of the most innovative we’ve seen (Image credit: Verisure)

Verisure: Support and customer care

One benefit of a Verisure system is that maintenance is included in the monthly cost. So if any of your devices malfunction or fail, Verisure will repair or replace them without additional charge. The company also provides professional installation for all systems. 

The company can also be contacted anytime directly from the control panel. Of course, this is important for emergencies, but it is also useful when you need advice or support in managing your system. 

Although the website doesn’t provide much detailed support, this is understandable considering how easy it is to contact the company directly from your Verisure system. 

Premium support is what separates Verisure from its DIY competitors, and gives us a lot of confidence in labeling Verisure as one of the best home security providers.

Verisure evaluation

Several security-related articles are available on the Verisure website (Image credit: Verisure)

The competition

Verisure is a premium, top-of-the-range home security provider. Therefore, it should be compared to other premium providers such as ADT or Vivint. Verisure is more expensive than both of these providers but offers a more comprehensive service with the inclusion of Guard. 

If you’re after a DIY home security solution, Verisure isn’t for you. In this case, you should consider a provider such as Abode or Google Nest.

It’s also worth reiterating that Verisure isn’t available for American customers.

Final verdict

Verisure is one of the most comprehensive and feature-packed home security providers we’ve reviewed. For a high price, you will get access to a best-in-class range of accessories and security devices, premium 24/7 monitoring including in-person security, and ongoing maintenance and support. 

If you’re security conscious and want the best home security solution money can buy, then Verisure may be the product for you.

Darcy French