The benefits of cloud-based hybrid working solutions

Representational image depicting the ease of use of cloud computing
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With more and more businesses opening up to the idea of hybrid work, where employees split their time between the office and home, the need for the right solutions to enable productivity and efficiency have never been more important.

Traditional set-ups just won't do anymore, and as remote working becomes more popular, lots of companies are turning towards cloud-based solutions to help their employees stay productive when out of the office.

But what exactly can cloud-based tools offer to you? We've taken a look at some of the most important features and advantages you can look forward to.


First of all (and probably most importantly) cloud services can make sure you stay connected, collaborative, and productive, even when out of the office.

Many of us have experienced remote working for the first time over the past 18 months, and embracing cloud-based tools means that you should always be connected to the platforms and services you need the most, whenever you need them. 

Cloud-based services and tools have also massively improved our productivity by allowing us to stay in contact with friends, family, co-workers and more around the world through the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

But a whole galaxy of new and existing applications and programs are now fully supported by cloud, ranging from tasks as simple as connecting to a VPN to accessing email to collaborating with colleagues across the world.


As mentioned above, logging on to workplace systems at any time, and in any place, has massively boosted productivity across the world, and has basically been the key for many businesses to stay afloat over the pandemic.

With cloud platforms allowing reliable connectivity whatever time zone you're in, expanding your business across the world has never been easier to facilitate. Providing real-time collaboration through online office suites or programs, alongside communication platforms and videoconferencing tools, should all mean your work gets done smoothly and more effectively than ever.

And if any issues do arise (which we'll focus on more shortly) you can also be sure there should be someone around to leap into action and get your systems back to full function in no time.


Finally, using cloud-based solutions should also make sure that you stay more secure online.

As most of us shift to hybrid working, the risk of cyberattack is sadly only likely to increase, as criminals look to exploit lapses in care or protection. However, adding an extra layer of protection by getting a cloud-based provider on board can help boost your overall security level significantly, sharing the responsibility across partners.

Ensuring you have a fully patched, correctly configured cloud set-up can be a huge boost for your business, especially as more and more employees get up to speed with hybrid working.

It can also allow for more powerful authentication and encryption settings for your key files and networks, with systems such as multi-factor authentication and VPNs keeping your valuable data safe and sound.

Cloud computing has quickly become the standard for many businesses across the world, with these benefits and more showing why - so don't delay, get your business upgraded now.