Steam Deck production is cranked up as Valve reveals when more devices will arrive

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Steam Deck units are being shipped, as you’re no doubt aware, and Valve has been putting the pedal to the metal in terms of ramping up production, with more stock coming through meaning that the company is now informing those who have a pre-order due in Q3.

Before today, only those who ordered early enough to get a Q1 or Q2 arrival date for their Steam Deck were informed of this shipping timeframe – everyone outside that was just given a date of ‘after Q2’, which is unhelpfully vague. However, now those who will get one of Valve’s compact gaming PCs in Q3 are being informed of that.

Valve explains: “We have been working hard to increase the number of Steam Decks we can produce this year, and we now have more clarity on our longer term production schedule.

“As a result, in addition to Q1 and Q2, reservers can now see if they are in the Q3 order availability window. You can check the Steam Deck product page (while logged in) to see your reservation window.”

Head over to the Steam Deck page here if you’ve already ordered and want to see if you made the cut for Q3. Needless to say, anyone pre-ordering from now on will get a Q4 ship date at best, or will quite possibly be waiting until next year at this stage.

Analysis: Full Steam Deck ahead as other countries will get the device in 2022

By all accounts, the Steam Deck has initially been a big success across the board, with some very positive reviews that, like our own, have some caveats. (We observed that the software has some quirks that need ironing out, and battery life is problematic in some scenarios).

It’s good that folks with a slightly later pre-order window now know that they’re up for a Q3 ship date, of course, and that production capacity is being worked hard on. Valve also let us know that with more inventory in the pipeline, it’s considering other regions where it can launch the Steam Deck, and we can expect further countries to get shipments of the device by the end of 2022. Japan is mentioned specifically as one of those nations which will be in the Steam Deck loop by the close of the year.

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