Verizon launches a firewall solution with more rule sets and 'quicker deployments'

Firewalls keep eyes on your site
Firewalls keep eyes on your site

Verizon Digital Media Services has launched a cloud-based firewall application that can be integrated with content delivery networks to provide attack defense in less than five minutes, the company said.

The Verizon Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides users with “more rule sets deployed to the cloud than other cloud alternatives,” according to a Verizon statement. The rules enable web users to determine if an attack has occurred so that immediate actions can be taken. The more rules a user can rely on, the quicker he or she will be able to thwart attacks.

The WAF combines the ModSecurity Core Rule Set and the commercial Trustwave rule set with the WAF’s own technology to provide users with a comprehensive overview of web functionality and defense.

What is Verizon Digital Media Services?

Verizon Digital Media Services provides web platforms, security services, and video technology to enterprises. It is a part of Verizon Communications, which recently released a report that revealed nine basic "patterns" make up 92% of Internet security threats.

The report analyzed 100,000 security incidents that took place over the past 10 years. The data revealed that the use of stolen or misused credentials is the top way to gain access to information. Two-thirds of breaches exploit weak or stolen passwords and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) have grown stronger year-over-year for the past three years.