Ransomware attack could lead to beer shortages

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Ransomware attacks often disrupt business operations and Australians could soon find it difficult to get a hold of their favorite beer as the country's beverage giant Lion recently disclosed a cyber incident that forced it to halt production.

In a new post on its website, the company confirmed that it has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, saying:

“Our investigations to date have shown that a system outage has been caused by ransomware. The ransomware targeted our computer systems. In response, we immediately shut down key systems as a precaution. Our IT teams and expert cyber advisors are working around the clock, investigating the issue and assessing how long the impacts will continue. Our focus is on bringing systems back online safely so we can resume our business as usual manufacturing, and customer services.”

Lion had hoped to have full access to its systems restored by now but unfortunately the process is taking longer than it expected. Thankfully though, the company's investigation has found no evidence that any of the financial or personal information contained in its systems has been affected.

Beer shortage

While other businesses were forced to close during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Lion was able to continue to safely brew beer and currently has stock at hand.

The company is continuing to work to bring its breweries back online while managing its stock levels closely. However, it did warn that there could be some temporary shortages as a result of the ransomware attack.

In addition to beer, Lion also produces and distributes milk, yogurt, other dairy items and juice. According to the company, some parts of its Dairy & Drinks business customer service are still impacted by the cyber incident and some of its manufacturing sites are also still offline.

We often hear about businesses in the financial and tech sector being hit with ransomware attacks but this latest  attack shows that companies across all industries can fall victim to them as well.

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