How Device as a Service can help you flex up or down

(Image credit: Future)

As any owner or CEO knows, there are a huge number of challenges when it comes to growing and boosting your business from a start-up to an SMB and beyond.

Having the right hardware is a vital part of this growth, allowing your employees to be productive and efficient, all while staying safe and secure from the latest cyberthreats. As remote and hybrid working increasingly becomes the norm, offering the support and updates they require is paramount, as is the flexibility to scale up (or down) when needed.

Embracing a Device as a Service (DaaS) approach can go a long way to helping your business get the items you need without breaking the bank, all while making sure your business and your workers are secure, efficient and productive. But how exactly can DaaS help you?

Flexibility and scalability

First off, a DaaS approach will let your business be as flexible as you want to be. As your business grows, DaaS lets you bring in more hardware and devices, making sure new workers are never left high and dry, or your most mobile employees aren't left without the kit they need to do their job.

If you have a big launch or event coming up, you might need some extra hardware firepower, so getting some newer, more powerful devices could be a good idea. DaaS devices can often be pre-configured and deployed fast, meaning less hassle or concern for you as you focus on what's important.

Staying flexible can also mean your balance sheets stay the right way up - but more on that later.

Most DaaS schemes offer the ability to switch and return devices to suit the business, so if you need to watch your budgets, then you can scale down your device family as needed - to be restarted when things pick up once again.

Security and oversight

Security has become a crucial concern for businesses of all sizes, as news of the latest cyberattacks hit the headlines every day. You don't want your company to be the next big victim, but that's no reason to sacrifice that push for success.

Having the latest hardware for your workers means they stay protected against the latest dangerous cyberthreats, as hackers often target older devices that lack crucial security support. Getting a new device with all the latest upgrades and security patches goes a huge way towards keeping your workers safe.

With many of us now embracing hybrid or fully remote working, making sure your out-of-office employees remain protected has never been more important - but so has having an insight into what they're up to. Having a DaaS family of devices means you can have oversight on exactly who has what item, hopefully meaning nothing should get misplaced or lost, an all-too-common scenario when an employee leaves a business.

And if you do need further support or assistance, your DaaS supplier will be there to offer the help you need to make the transition as painless as possible, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.


Finally, taking on a DaaS approach could be a smart financial idea. In these times of global monetary worries, it's useful to have a platform that allows you to be flexible when you need to watch your budget, or when you're ready to splash the cash and expand. 

DaaS approaches are OpEx-friendly, meaning you can spend your cash on growing your business, targeting the areas that need the most investment. Instead of seeing your budget disappear on expensive, high-end devices which will be obsolete in just a few years, you can focus on what matters right now, getting your workers the products they need.

It's no secret that growing a business is harder than ever, with a range of challenges and obstacles to success. But adopting a DaaS approach could be an incredibly useful ally for your business.