Ella's Bubbles walk-in tub

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub review
Ella's Bubbles is the only manufacturer we evaluated to make a two-seater walk-in tub (Image credit: Ella's Bubbles)

In our Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub evaluation, we look at the high consumer rating for Ella walk-in tubs and how many users love the two-seater options, which is why Ella’s Bubbles is our pick for senior couples. You won’t find another luxury walk-in bathtub with two seats in it. In addition, with 30 models available, Ella’s Bubbles has a model for everyone, from wheelchair accessible to bariatric to couples. And with a decent warranty and average pricing, Ella’s Bubbles is clearly one of the best walk-in tub options available, so long as you are comfortable finding your own installer. 

About Ella's Bubbles

Founded in 2005 and named after the founder’s daughter, Ella’s Bubbles specializes in walk-in baths, showers, bathtubs, vanities, and dog spas. With 30 walk-in tubs, the number of options is impressive. Only a few manufacturers provide more options. However, none provide as much detail and information on each model as Ella. This is one of the best characteristics of Ella’s Bubbles. The website is exceptionally designed and provides you with more information about each specific model, its dimensions and features than other manufactures. This makes it very easy to find a walk-in tub that meets your criteria.

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub review

Ella's Bubbles makes 30 walk-in tub models of various sizes and styles. (Image credit: Ella's Bubbles)

In 181 reviews on ConsumerAffairs, Ella’s Bubbles has a 4.6 star rating out of five. This is impressive considering the number of reviews is more than most of the companies we’ve evaluated. In addition, the company's Better Business Bureau grade is an A+. That said, BBB grades reflect whether a company responds to complaints, not really how satisfied customers are with the product, as user reviews are not reflected in the grading criteria. Still, of the 26 reviews left on BBB, they’ve all been five stars. A common theme in the reviews is that Ella offers a model that other manufacturers don’t have, either because of the shape or size.

The best walk-in tub for senior couples

The most common 5 star review of Ella’s walk-in tubs is the two-seaters. The reason is simple - a significant number of people are looking for a two-seater, walk-in tub and they have a hard time finding one until they land on Ella. Often, senior couples are ignored when it comes to senior care products, so it’s always refreshing to see a company that provides these options. 

Ella’s has three acrylic two-seater walk-in tub options, with each being essentially the same, but differing in size. At 80-inches long and 36-inches wide, the Big4Two is very big and likely won’t fit in most bathtub alcoves. But at this size, it’s often compared to being an indoor hot tub with its hydrotherapy jets (optional) and large seats on both ends. In fact, this appears to be the main reason couples buy it - to provide a hot tubbing experience in their home.

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub review

The Ella two seater walk-in tub is the largest tub we've evaluated. (Image credit: Ella's Bubbles)

You can purchase just the tub, but you can add the following options to really turn it into an indoor hot tub:

Hydro Massage System: This is a pump that circulates and blasts water through 24 water jets. It comes with an in-line heater designed to keep your water warm throughout the duration of your bath. The water jets are strategically placed for optimal therapy with 12 upper seat jets, eight lower seat jets, and four leg jets. It also comes with an ozone sterilization feature to ensure your jets don’t grow bacteria.

Air Massage System: This is an air pump motor with variable speed controls to provide air massage, instead of (or in addition to) water jets. The Big4Two has 16 air jets strategically placed.

Infusion MicroBubble Therapy: This feature is unique to Ella walk-in tubs. It’s a single small jet designed to infuse your bath with billions of microbubbles. Ella claims this adds to the relaxation by stimulating the skin.

Each Ella walk-in tub features two 2-inch drains. This gravity-based draining system promises to drain the entire tub in about 140 seconds under ideal plumbing. (Naturally, the condition of your home’s plumbing plays a role in how well it drains.) By comparison, some manufacturers use a powered pump to drain a tub in less than a minute. However, these powered quick-drain pumps are typically an option that costs upwards of $300.

Cost comparison

To get a quote for a walk-in tub, you have to speak with a representative who will ask questions about your home. That said, the walk-in tubs range between $4,000 and $8,000, which is in line with what you’d expect for standard features, like acrylic tubs and dual-drain systems. The biggest downside to the pricing is it doesn’t include installation. Ella leaves the installation process up to you, though they might have some recommendations in your area. By comparison, Independent Home starts at about $8,000, but includes installation in the price. And when you consider the installation costs can often run as much as the tub itself, this makes it easier to get the tub into your home.

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub review

You can soak your feet in the well of the Ella walk-in tub. (Image credit: Ella's Bubbles)

Ella’s warranty is excellent, providing a limited lifetime policy on all parts. Only a few manufacturers offer such a warranty. Most manufacturers break it down to 10-15 years for the tub, 1-5 years for the motors and other components, and a lifetime warranty only on the seal. However, like other manufacturers, the warranty is only good for the first owner and the first location. So, if you take the tub with you when you move, you’ll void the warranty, not that this is a common habit. Most people find the cost of moving a tub too great to warrant.

Final verdict

Ella’s Bubbles is a luxury walk-in bathtub brand that makes a tub for everyone. In fact, they offer three two-seater walk-in tub models, which is entirely unique to the industry. It’s like bringing the hot tub into your bathroom. And with 24 hydro jets, 16 air jets, and a microbubbles jet,, you get unparalleled massages and relaxation. The tubs even feature an in-line heater to keep the water warm throughout the duration of the bath. We wish the quick drain system used a pump, but the two-drain gravity based system works just fine so long as you have good plumbing.

The pricing isn’t as transparent as we’d like, as you have to speak with a representative. And installation isn’t included, which adds a lot more work on your end in finding a contractor. However, the warranty is excellent, as it’s a lifetime warranty on all parts. 

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