American Standard walk-in tub

American Standard walk-in tub review
When it comes to options, no brand has as many walk-in tubs as American Standard (Image credit: American Standard)

In our American Standard walk-in tub evaluation, we look at one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of kitchens and bathroom products. If you want options, American Standard has them. With over 240 walk-in tub models, you have the best chance at finding a style you like that fits your bathroom and your hydrotherapy needs. That said, we evaluated the best-selling model, the American Standard Acrylic 219 Luxury 60-inch walk-in bath. Then we examine the warranty and compare the pricing to other manufacturers. If options are what you’re after, American Standard delivers with a wide range of prices. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to sort out the installation yourself if you purchase it from a retailer.

About American Standard

American Standard may not be as well known as brands like Jacuzzi or Kohler, but this brand is one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen products in the world. Founded over 140 years ago, American Standard is responsible for some of the best innovations in plumbing, with the cast-iron enamel tubs and sinks being one of the most famous. Chances are, the toilet you sit on at work or at a restaurant is an American Standard toilet. In other words, if you’re looking for an innovative and stylish walk-in tub, American Standard is a solid option.

And speaking of options, with over 240 walk-in tubs, finding a style to fit your aesthetics, a shape to fit your comforts, and the hydrotherapy features to ease your aching bones is easier than with most brands, which typically have between one and eight models. The sheer size and resources of a brand like American Standard allows for options that range from affordable to high-end models, and everything in between.

American Standard walk-in tub review

American Standard has been manufacturing bathtubs for 140 years. (Image credit: American Standard)

Sometimes with big corporations, there is some worry about not receiving the same quality of service as smaller companies. However, American Standard has a 4.6 star rating from 371 verified user reviews on, which shows just how much people like their walk-in tubs.

The best walk-in tub brand for options

With over 240 walk-in tubs, it’s difficult to pick a tub to focus on, because there is a tub for every situation. This is why American Standard is our pick for best options. That said, the top selling model on most sites is the American Standard Acrylic 219 Luxury 60-inch walk-in bath. It’s available in both left- and right-hand inswing and two colors, white and linen. The premium high-gloss acrylic material is easy to clean and durable. And it includes an impressive quick drain system that pumps water out of the tub quickly so you aren’t sitting for minutes waiting to get out.

The best part of this 80 gallon walk-in tub, aside from its luxurious 80-gallon capacity, is the impressive 26 air jets. These jets are designed to provide the bubbly massage throughout your bath, maximizing the relaxation of tense muscles. The jets also include a heated blower to keep your bath warm. But if that’s not enough, the tub includes 13 whirlpool jets, each placed in strategic locations to ease aching joints and muscles. These more powerful jets provide a deeper muscle massage. And each jet is self-cleaning, so you’re not left with a foul smell caused by lingering water and a buildup of bacteria. It also includes chromatherapy lights to add to the spa-like mood.

American Standard walk-in tub review

With over 240 models, you can find the style and size you want with American Standard walk-in baths. (Image credit: American Standard)

As with most walk-in tubs, it’s ADA compliant and features a textured non-slip floor and handle bars to steady yourself. The seat is contoured to provide a comfortable sitting position while also not allowing too much of a recline that would make it difficult to get up from. It also includes a head cushion for added comfort.

The threshold step-in is roughly 6.5 inches, which is on the higher end of thresholds. By comparison, Kohler makes one with a 3 inch step-in. Ideal for those with very limited mobility. That said, 6.5 inches is far lower than a standard tub and should be much of an issue for most seniors. And with grab bars easily located, you can steady yourself as you step into the bath.

The warranty is average, with a 15 year warranty on the tub, 10 year on tub components, and a lifetime warranty on the door seal. As with most warranties, it only applies to the first owner. That said, it lacks the comprehensive lifetime coverage of other large brands like Jacuzzi and Kohler.

Cost comparison

Most manufacturers don’t list pricing. Instead, they require you to get a quote from one of their technicians. In a way, this makes sense because the price typically includes installation and also reflects unique aspects to the home, such as size and drainage capabilities. This can make comparing costs difficult. However, since American Standard is a large corporation that sells its products through a wide distribution channel, the pricing is extremely transparent. For example, the model focused on above costs $7,873 at Home Depot. The price doesn’t include installation or moving. (They drop it off and leave it to you to figure out how to move the 234 pound tub into your home. By comparison, a similar tub by AmeriGlide costs $4,800, though it lacks the same quantity of air jets and whirlpool jets.

American Standard walk-in tub review

American Standard walk-in tubs feature easy to use controls. (Image credit: American Standard)

At the low end, American Standard costs about $2,000 for a basic soaker walk-in tub. But they also have tubs reaching as high as $12,000, without installation costs included. In other words, you can find an affordable tub made of fiberglass with a gelcoat or premium acrylic tub with all the features. With so many models, they are competitive with the most affordable and most expensive walk-in tubs on the market.

Final verdict

American Standard’s best feature is its selection and range of prices. As one of the biggest and most storied manufacturers in the U.S., there are 240 walk-in bathtubs to choose from, allowing you to find a specific tub to fit your style, needs, and budget. We like the 80-gallon American Standard Acrylic 219 Luxury 60-inch walk-in bath because of its impressive number of air jets, each with a heated blower to keep the water warm. It also features 13 hydrotherapy whirlpool jets. 

American Standard’s walk-in tubs are available with a wide range of retailers, which makes the pricing very transparent and competitive. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a professional installation isn’t included if you purchase from a retailer. Most retailers, such as Home Depot, will only deliver the tub, leaving you to hire installers of your own, which may or may not be a way to save some money. Either way, it’s a hassle many seniors may want to avoid. Buying directly from American Standard allows you to choose the professional installation with their experts.

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