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IOLO System Mechanic 7 review

Spring-clean your PC with a simple but rigorous new Registry tool

IOLO System Mechanic certainly does the business – but it’ll cost you

Our Verdict

Thoughtful and thorough, but costly


  • Quick and effective
  • User-friendly
  • SafetyNet feature


  • Pricey

PC Tools' Registry Mechanic is very simple, yet IOLO System Mechanic 7 takes it one step further.

The Dashboard is the main area where System Mechanic will scan for problems, highlight them and offer a one-click solution. The program makes the effort to explain the difference between Registry problems, system clutter and other issues.

Contrast that with most system tweakers, which merely point out that "You have problems"!

Speedy cleanup

The system cleanup utility is efficient and thorough, but it's the addition of Internet speed-up tools and an intelligent status monitor that looks at startup items, RAM usage and system processes that really makes IOLO System Mechanic stand out from the crowd.

Windows has its own disk cleanup utility, but IOLO's is much faster - it even tells you how long it's going to take - and the defragmenter is also proficient.

The option to create a specific file fragmentation on booting your PC is also welcome, keeping your hard disk in optimum order.

Turn back time

SafetyNet is a roll-back utility that makes undoing any System Mechanic changes easy, but we would always recommend that Windows' own System Restore isn't ignored in favour of IOLO's own tool.

If you want one program to do all your housework then look no further, but similar results can be had from cherry-picked free applications that are tried and tested, so think about it.