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Zyxel Homeplug PL-100 review

Extend your wireless with the Homeplug

The Zyxel Homeplug PL-100 offers an inexpensive alternative to Cat5

Our Verdict

Not a bad product for the price, but it's worth seeking out better examples


  • Simple to use and does the job


  • Not intuitive enough

Got a fixed network in your home or home office and don't want to add wireless to it just yet? You can extend it without having to lay cables using the existing mains wiring in your house or office.

Homeplug is a set of two connector boxes and security software which is simple to install and use. Simply, plug the box into the wall socket and connect to your laptop, or desktop PC, using the standard Ethernet port. Then plug the other unit where you need network access and repeat.

With a maximum throughput of 85Mbps and included encryption, it's as flexible as Cat5 cabling without the mess. It's not without compromise, as the unit would have been better with the pins mounted into the box rather than using 8-pin connectors and the set-up software isn't as intuitive has we would have hoped. Overall, it's not a bad product for the price, but there are better, but more expensive, solutions out there.